SKVT Alumni Trust Events:

Some of the projects SKVT Alumni Trust

1. Educational Initiatives

  • Library
  • Science, Mathematics and language labs
  • Educational Events and activities like quiz, drawing competition, paper presentation, Mathematics day etc.
  • Books distribution to the top performers in each class
  • Activities to improve language and communication skills in studenst

2. Infrastructure development

  • Providing modern day tools & resources to students & faculty
  • Improving the ageing infrastructure and other facilities
  • Improving drinking water and sanitation facilities
  • Providing audio visual aiding tools (Projector, laptop etc.,)

3.  Financial Aid

  • Text books and tuition fees for economically backward students
  • Scholarships to poor students
  • Supporting higher education for meritorious and needy students.

4. Community Programs

  • Support community development programs like AIDS awareness campaigns and blood donation drives.
  • Environment conservation projects like plantations and no plastic drives and rainwater harvesting awareness campaigns.

5. Sports

  • Organize sports competitions every year (cricket, running, chess etc.,)
  • Encourage student’s participation in physical activities

Here is a list of completed events categorized into various categories. Please click on any category to view all the past events successfully organized by SKVT Alumni Trust.