To support ageing infrastructure of SKVT School and to provide required number benches for the students, SKVT Alumni Trust launched "DONATE A BENCH" program. The existing benches are more than 25 years old and are falling apart. So, with the help of SKVT Alumni and well wishers, we are thriving to provide new benches to school in differet phases over the course of next one year. We request everyone to come forward and donate for this noble cause. Please refer to the FAQs section for more details. Please reach out to us at email for any clarifications or questions you may have regarding this program. 

Updates on "Donate a bench" program

  • May 2016 - 36 new benches arrived to school and placed in 3 class rooms.
  • June 2016 - Order has been placed for 36 more benches and 15 staff room chairs.
  • July 2016 - Total 72 benches and 15 staff room chairs are procured so far.
  • August 2016 - All the benches are imprinted with the names of the donors.
  • Click this link for the photo album of Donate a Bench program

FAQs on "Donate a bench" program

What is the cost of each bench?

The cost of each bench is approximately 5000 INR.

How many benches are needed for a single class in SKVT School?

12 benches per class. 

How many benches are targeted for donation by SKVT Alumni Trust?

We are targeting around 100 benches including the benches for World Gateway Room (Projector room). We are also looking to replace staff room and classroom teacher chairs which are currently in very bad shape.

How can I make donation?

Refer to donation page in our website.

Can the names of the donor get printed on the donated benches?

Yes, the donor has the choice of getting the desired name printed on the bench like the donor, parent or the batch name.

Does SKVT Alumni Trust approached any vendors for procurement of benches?

Yes. Central Jail of Rajahmundry provide the benches made by the prisoners at subsidized government rates. The teachers of the school & SKVT Alumni Trust members visited to evaluate the quality of the benches which seems to be durable for 20+ years manufactured with 18 gauge steel. We are also evaluating all the other possible options.

What are the other activities performed by SKVT Alumni Trust?

Visit our events page of our website 

How does SKVT Alumni Trust maintain the transparency of the donations and expenses?


SKVT Alumni Trust maintains the financial audit of its accounts every year and posts the statements on its website for transparency.

How can I contact SKVT Alumni Trust for any further details?

You can contact on email at