Mission Statement:


SKVT Alumni Trust was formed by the old students of SKVT English medium high school, Rajahmundry, with close co-operation from SKVT Teaching staff in the year 2012. SKVT Alumni Trust’s mission is to bring back past glory to SKVT School by undertaking school improvement projects and organizing various events to promote quality education among students.

SKVT Alumni Trust believes in the principle of equality and will strive to provide scholarships to poor and needy people in the form of tuition fee, text books, uniforms etc. We also believe in promoting quality education for future citizens of the world. In order to achieve this, SKVT Alumni Trust will take a proactive role in undertaking school improvement projects like playground equipment, go green initiatives, clean drinking water facilities etc; upgrades to school facilities like library, computer lab; upgrades to sporting facilities such as running tracks, specialized recreational facilities, and supply of sporting goods; invest in technology which will compliment but do not replace the existing allocations; organize competitive events like paper presentations, quiz competitions, drawing competitions, etc., and all-in-all make school life fun and memorable for everyone.

SKVT Alumni Trust also believes in the principles of accountability. We will serve as the face of SKVT Alumni and will honor the charitable donations of our members to help S.K.V.T school meet its present and future needs.  We take a pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, social service and maintain integrity of the entire organization.