Infrastructure Development:

SKVT English Medium High School was established in the year 1974. Our association recognized the urgency and the importance of supporting the infrastructure development to meet the basic as well as modern day requirements. One of the major projects in this mission is to provide a well equipped library for the school and encourage children to learn new concepts beyond their academic syllabus.

World Gateway Room

World Gateway Room is a dedicated room developed by SKVT Alumni Trust at school with all audio-visual teaching aids like Laptop, LCD projector, Educational DVDs and high speed internet facility to connect students of SKVT school with alumni across the world through video conferencing.

The facility was inaugurated by former headmistress of SKVT, Indira Kumari madam on 16th March 2015. Around 12 retired teachers and alumni from different batches were present for the inauguration event. On the inauguration event, some of the alumni interacted with the teachers in video conference using google hangout and expressed gratitude to the faculty who shaped so many bright careers.

Do visit the Photo-album of World Gateway Room.


Library Development Program

Library is a very valuable asset for an educational institution. It is a good facility that provides information regarding so many things that can improve our knowledge and skills. It also encourages children to learn new concepts beyond their academic syllabus. Our mission is to provide several books related to science and technology, history, encyclopedias, sports etc. 

On July 28th, 2012, SKVT Alumni Association had a teleconference call with school faculty to brainstorm some ideas to improve the library in SKVT school. The recorded version of the teleconference can be heard at this link

SKVT Alumni Trust will provide help to the school in following areas for the academic year 2012-2013 to improve the library facility in school.
  • Annual subscribtions to magazines like Sportstar, Wisdom, Chandamama, Children world, Competition success review, Science magazine, Frontline etc and daily newspapers like "THE HINDU".
  • Donate  new and used books to the library
  • Provide one or two book shelves to securely store the expensive books. The goal is to ultimately provide around ten book shelves to meet our library needs.
  • Collect the old journals and magazines on Science, GK, English, Journals etc., and donate them to library.
  • Provide library management software to catalog library books.

The change...

Some of the highlights so far are...

  • A full time librarian was appointed in February 2012
  • Starting from this academic year (2012-2013), every class has one mandatory period for library per week. Students are also encouraged to visit library at their leisure hours
  • SKVT Alumni Trust started with yearly subscription of Sportstar weekly, Wisdom monthly and Fronline fortnite magazine to attract the attention of students and create interest in them to visit library


On August 23rd, 2012, SKVT School library was re-inagurated by a well well known educational reformer, highly popular and greatly respected teacher, Ms. Indira Kumari, who served as a head mistress of SKVT School for more than two decades. The library had a new look with so many latest editions contributed by SKVT Alumni and organizations like Aksharbharati. SKVT Alumni Trust's  executive member Sudhakar Kasina organized the inaguration ceremony in which SKVT School faculty & staff and a few SKVT Alumni cheerfully participated. Ms. Indira Kumari congratulated SKVT Alumni Trust and the progress it is making towards promoting quality education and improving the educational facilities at SKVT School.

Library is currently undergoing a transformation where the racks with some outdated books collecting dust are being replaced by books of educational importance which will surely grab student's attention. SKVT Alumni Trust applauds the  following notable donors & organizations who made this possible and helped the organization take its first steps towards improving the library facilities at SKVT School.

  • Aksharbharati - A charitable organization that works along with other NGOs and charitable organizations like SKVTAT and help in setting up libraries.
  • Jayasri Varyani - An Alumni of 1998 who donated a set of 9 wonderful books, the first kind donation to SKVT School library from its Alumni.
  • Kamala Peddada - An Alumni of 1996 donated 15 precious books that will surely grab student's attention
  • Anjana Ramesh - 1988 Alumni who donated 15 books which are great source of information & knowledge 
  • Ms. Vardhani - SKVT School faculty donated few books, an act which is very inspiratiring and motivating.



How you can make a difference...
  • Donate old journals, educational books to school library.
  • Monetary help towards furniture/book shelves required for the library.
  • Contribute new books to the library.

For more information, please contact SKVT Alumni Trust,