SKVT School Faculty Members:

SKVT School is blessed with rich faculty over the course of several years and it continues to enojy the same. SKVT school has a reputation of shaping students and their future and playing a major role in shaping their destiny. SKVT Alumni Trust extends its gratitude and is always indebted to its faculty. Please find some of the active faculty member profiles...If you need more information please get in touch with us.






D. Satyavathi:  Grade 1 Telugu Pandit

D. Satyavathi is the current principal of SKVT School and a great  leader. She joined the school in 1981 and she is a Bhasha Praveena and a grade 1 Telugu Pandit. She has taught the importance and greatness of telugu for many years and as the school principal she is striving her level best to elevate the standards of school.

J. Gurumurthy: BSc, MEd, Joined in 1982

Gurumurthy Sir is one the stalwarts and a well respected faculty member of SKVT School. He teaches Mathematics and Physical sciences. He adores Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Panthulu garu for all the great work and for his principles and objectives in life. Gurumurthy Sir is one the greatest mathematicians in the city of Rajahmundry and a key supporter of Mathematics events and exhibitions organized by SKVTAA.



Parvathi madam is one of the most popular faculty members among students and is very passionate about education and discipline. She is one of the biggest supporters of SKVT Alumni Association and the work it has been doing in the field of Educational initiatives and Infrastructure development among other things. She teaches Social studies and languages and students absolutely love her style of teaching.

G. Padmaja: Bachelors of Fine Arts (JNTU), Joined in 1985

Padmaja madam is very famous among students as drawing teacher and is regarded very high for her dedication and for her creativity. She is responsible for augmenting the creative and cognitive skills of young students by teaching them new ways to look at things. She is instrumental in planning and conducting the annual drawing competition organized by SKVTAA, SRUJANA-2012, to create a new talent pool in SKVT School.

S. Veeralakshmi: M.A, B.Ed, Joined in 1983

She teaches English and social studies and is very proud for her opportunity to render her services to the great institution, SKVT High School. She wants to see more interaction among teachers, students and parents which will help everyone for their personal and academic development. Purified drinking water facilities and teaching aids to all the class rooms are the top two things that she thinks the school is lacking. She hopes SKVT Alumni Assocation will play a major role in the development of school and will look after its progress in many more years to come.

Nagabhushan Rao: MA, MCom, BEd, Joined in 1989

He teaches English, Social and Mathematics. He believes discipline is very important and will lead to ones overall development in life. He also believes that teaching is a very noble profession and wants to see improvements in education system in our country. He is also associated with junior Red Cross for the last 10 years.  His other interests are interests are photography, walking, listening music, tree plantation, drawing, playing chess & badminton.


A.V.S Satyavathi: B.Com, B.Ed, Joined in 1986

She teaches Social studies and English and she is one of the long serving faculty members of SKVT School. She savors the history and tradition of SKVT School and enjoys her teaching. Couple of things that needs to be improved according to her are a) communication skills in students and ability to read and write effectively in english language, b) to develop the values of religious tolerance and a sense of service to humanity and c) to develop patriotism, respect, effection and kindness. She is very passionate about helping poor and economically backward students. Her hobbies include reading epics and visiting holy places.

Rambabu Vegaraju: BA, BEd, joined school in 1985

Ramabu sir teaches Mathematics and is one of the renowned mathematicians in the city of Rajahmundry. He is well known for his unorthodox ways of teaching and is very popular among students and Alumni. The top two things he would like to see improved at SKVT School are 1) Arrange academic advisory committee per each subject and 2) To establish a science lab and library.


A. Subbaratnam: BSc, B.Ed, joined school in 1991

Subbaratnam madam teaches mathematics and english at SKVT School and is very popular among students. She is motivated by the principles of Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam Panthulu garu and is very much appreciative of all the great work he has done towards education and social upliftment.

Arun: MA, MEd, joined school in 1984

Arun Sir is famous among all the students as a quizmaster. His hobbies  include Photography, yoga, walking, reading and gardening.He tries to inspire the students. At present he is teaching English and Social Studies. He wants to be a bridge between the Alumni and the School.

G.E.G Suseela (Glory): MA, MEd, joined school in 1982

Glory madam has been teaching physical education for almost three decades and is well known for her dedication and discipline. She wants to see more sports related activites conducted at SKVT School and also wants to see the drinking water facilities improved.

Vardhani: MA, BEd, joined school in 1982

Vardhani madam teaches English and social and is one of the most popular faculty members among students. The top two things she would like to see improved at SKVT School are 1)  Discipline and 2) help to needy and underprivileged students. She has been providing financial assistance to more than a couple of poor students and supporting their higher education even after graduating from high school. 

Anuradha: BSc, BEd, joined school in 1987

Anuradha madam teaches Science and English and is one of the most experienced faculty members in SKVT School. She is leading our efforts to improve Science facilities in School and planning to implement more practical ways of teaching science to make it fun for students. As the faculty coordinator for this project, she is playing a major role in helping SKVT Alumni Association reach its goal of promoting quality education for the next generation.

Ravi: Physical Education Trainer

Ravi Sir has been serving SKVT School for more than 20 years. He strives for physical fitness and a sportive outlook in young students and help them in this regard. He is very active in organizing sports activities and other extra curricular activities and making sure there is active participation from everyone. With a broad smile on his face, he brings in energy and enthusiasm to everyone.

Bhujanga Rao:

He is one of the youngest teachers in SKVT School and brings in a new wave in youthful exuberance to students and faculty alike. He teaches mathematics and is already considered very high by his peers for his teaching capabilities and leadership.


She teaches mathematics for 1st class students and has shown immense intellectual and puzzle solving capabilities during the World Maths Day celebrations at school. She also helped 1st class students and many others with their mathematical models and demonstrations during the same event.

Indira Kumari: (Retired School Principal)

Indira Kumari madam served SKVT school from 1976 to 1997. She was instrumental in shaping SKVT School to one of the top schools in Rajahmundry during her tenure as headmistress from 1979 to 1997. She stressed a lot on the importance of discipline for a student to be successful in life and Alumni all over the world acknowledge how those principles helped them to become successful. Even at the age of 74, she is actively working in shaping the futures of next generation, running a small school in Rajahmundry.