SKVT School Alumni Database

Thank you for entering your information in our  SKVT School Alumni Database. This database will help us in bringing everyone to one place for the benefit of our school and meeting our old friends.

If you are thinking why one should take their time to complete Alumni contact information today, think no more. Here are several reasons:

First and foremost, what's in it for YOU? Networking! Once the database is complete, you can search it for potential colleagues to meet your own needs, search for old students to get back in touch. But, in addition we have plans to organize annual alumni meetings and organize charitable events for the benefit of our school.  The success of these planned ventures depends much on our keeping in contact and it all starts with filling out the form below.

This database will be a breeding ground for the school administrators to publicize the importance of studies at SKVT for the future students given the rich alumni it has produced. Where do SKVTians go after school, which college they attend, which companies they work for? All this information is just a benchmark to the standards SKVT teachers set to themselves. If you wish, you can become part of a worldwide network of SKVT Alumni Trust and help us in achieving our goal of making SKVT school a better place.

Here is the Alumni information we have collected so far. If you haven’t done it already, please take a moment in providing your whereabouts  in our Alumni database and also to browse thru this database to find out about your old friends.