Organization Structure:


SKVT Alumni Trust work-flow is defined as follows:

  •  Board of directors layout a plan for the school, prepare a budget plan and assign the task to the CEO of the organization
  • The CEO discusses the plan with his team members (Executive Committee) and lays out an action plan and timeline.
  • The execution committee reaches out to its respective advisory boards for suggestions on the planned event.
  • The executive committee will hold an internal meeting with the CEO and puts forward its recommendations and a detailed action plan.
  • If there are any clarifications or changes that needs to be done to the action plan put forward, the executive committee will reach out to the advisory board once again and this is an iterative process until a common consensus is reached.
  • Once the consensus is reached, CEO will update the board of directors with the proposed plan with all required information.
  • Upon the blessing of the board of directors, the executive committee will reach out to its Action committee members with the proposed event and the detailed action plan.
  • Once the event is completed successfully, CEO presents a final report to the board of directors for auditing purposes.
  • Board of directors must audit the entire project based on the final report and ensure that the executive team comply with the basic principles of the organization.
  • Board of directors must present a written report to the CEO reviewing the completed project and also present their recommendations and suggestions for the planning of future events.