SKVT Alumni Trust - Our Team

Sudhakar Kasina (President / CEO)

Sudhakar holds M.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Roorkee. He played an important role in starting this organisation along with his classmates. During his visits to his hometown Rajahmundry, where his retired parents stay, visiting his own school (SKVT) will always be on his agenda. He is interested in self study and volunteering in 1) Upliftment of the underprivileged children through quality and free education and 2) Environmental conservation through go green initiatives. He is deeply inspired by three people in his life. APJ Abdul Kalam, for his contributions to Indian space technology, Arvind Gupta, for making science a playful subject to children and Krishibhushan Govind Rao Pawar who played a key role in planting more than ten lakh trees in India. His interests include photography, playing badminton, cricket and study and design of algorithms in computer science and engineering field.

Sankar Vemana (Secretary / Associate Director of Information Technology)

Sankar holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani. He always believes in the principle that Education plays a pivotal role in the development of a individual/Country. He has been a part of providing free education to talented students and played an important role in organising various events in SKVT school.  His interests include solving mathematical puzzles, watching comedy movies and playing cricket.

Kiran V.V.V.S (Treasurer / Director of Finance)

Kiran is a Chartered Accountant based at Rajahmundry since four years and a Certified Information Systems Auditor, certified by USA. He was an ALL INDIA 31st Rank Holder in ICWAI Examinations. He is a regular faculty for Financial Accounting and Income Tax for CA Students and also a resource person in Rajahmundry branch of Chartered Accountants Association. He want to share his experience in the field of chartered accountancy with the upcoming generation and started a college in Rajahmundry by name “SRI MEDHA” in 2008. He has addressed many seminars in Chambers of Commerce, SIRI EENADU INVESTORS CLUB and other trade unions on “TAXATION” and authored articles in their publications.

Ravi Manchiraju (Director of Educational Initiatives)

Ravi holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University, Alabama. He is one of the Pioneers of this organization and has been working closely with his friends since its inception and is the man behind our Facebook group and the quarterly newsletter. 

Ravi along with his childhood buddies always dreamt of providing quality education along with giving basic necessities to the school that played a very big role in their careers. He is a strong advocate of using social networking tools for spreading the good word. His other passions include movies, cricket and volleyball where he spends most of his time.

Sarveswara Prasad Bhamidi (Vice President / Director of Information Technology)

Prasad holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri, Columbia. He is one of the co-founders of this organization and a strong advocate of providing free education to the underprivileged and also promoting quality education to the future generations.

Prasad is very passionate about improving the educational and infrastructural facilities at SKVT School and very ambitious in bringing back the past glory by taking one small step at a time.  His other passions include cricket, photography and technology. He is inspired and motivated by anyone and everyone who does something good for the society wholeheartedly without seeking anything in return.  He aims to spread the good word about the organization and share its vision with rest of the community that cares, with the use of modern technology.

Arun Kavikondala (Associate Director of Educational Initiatives)

Arun Sir has been working in SKVT.EM.H.School as a teacher since August 1984. He did M.A(LITT.ENG) and M.Ed and at present he is teaching ENGLISH AND SOCIAL STUDIES for IX standard.  He is famous among all his students as quiz master. His hobbies  include photography, yoga , transcendental meditation, walking, reading and gardening. He has a very good interest in studying about birds and once his good gesture in  saving a kingfisher bird which got trapped in his well was published in “The Hindu” newspaper. He wants to take the role of a communication bridge between his school's ALUMNI and the school and help the alumni in their strive to provide improved educational facilities in the school.

Nagabhushan Rao (Director of Public Relations & Event Organizing)

Nagabhushan Rao Sir holds MA, M.Com, B.Ed degrees and has been working in school since 1989. He has been associated  to Junior red cross organisation from past 10 years and presently acting as representative and counsellor for Junior red cross unit from his school.  He has been actively involved in plantation programs, AIDS awareness campaigns, distributing food for the AIDS suffering children etc., He believes in education as backbone for every country and stresses on discipline to the students to achieve excellence in their career. He has been helping the alumni in organising various events, activities and educational development programs in the  school.  His interests include photography, drawing, playing chess & badminton, walking and listening to music.

Rambabu Vegaraju (Associate Director of Educational Initiatives)

Rambabu sir has been working in SKVT school from 1985 as mathematics teacher. He is East godavari district coordinator for Association for the improvement of maths education(AIMED) and had experience of organising maths olympiads and JVR maths talent test at state level. He is famous among his students for  teaching mathematics by practical examples and methods. He strongly believes that mathematics should be taught to the students with day to day life examples and practical methods and laying down good foundation in students by strong mathematical fundamentals is very essential in the progress of career for any student. He conducted many maths events that aim at creating interest in students on mathematics like Ganita avadhanam etc.,  His hobbies include teaching, meditation and walking.

Bhaskar Rama Krishna Setti (Director of Marketing & Fund Raising)

Bhaskar graduated with Bachelors in Computer Sciences and Engineering from University of Chennai in 1995. He is an entrepreneur, owns an I.T Consulting firm since 1997 and in part time runs an NPO since 1999. His aspirations for India are education to all, advocating younger generations to participate in politics, eliminating corruption, educating life through sports, along with eradicating many other calamities of the society back home. He loves sports and active lifestyle. Reorganized Omaha Cricket Club/Association in 1999 and ran it since then. Achieved 2000 IAN Cricket tournament MVP and MOM for semis & finals and after 12 years, claimed 2012 Best Batsman, 2012 MVP of Heartland Cricket league (Omaha) and his sports resume also included 6 Racquet ball Nebraska State championships( A and B -3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze and 1 consolation championship) during 2006 to 2010. He currently lives with a beautiful wife Viji and handsome kids Akash and Akshay in Omaha, Nebraska since 1997. Goodwill Hunting- "why shouldn't i work for NSA?" and "dropping 150 grand instead of dollar fifty at a public library " is his all time favorite movie/scenes. “HELP” and  “EXCELLENCE” are the powerful motivators in his life.

Late Sri. Jagadeesh Basina (Former Board member - Expired in 2018)

Jagadeesh is an Engineer in Textile Technology and Fibre Science, an MBA from K.J.Somaiya (in Marketing Management) and Executive Program in Applied Finance from Indian institute of management, calcutta (IIM-C). He works as a financial analyst in transaction advisory services. His interests include traveling, painting, social networking and photography. Jagadeesh is very keen on imparting quality education to the school children and also committed to provide good infrastructure to the school by working in tandem with the teachers and alumni.  Swami Vivekananda, Jack Welch and his beloved mother are the key people who inspired Jagadeesh Basina in his life.

Batch Co-ordinators:

Batch co-ordinators will be playing a major role to strengthen the relationship between the organization and the SKVT Alumni community. They will work towards team building and bringing everyone up to date with the organization's progress. Some of their main focus areas will be fund raising, technical assistance, event execution and assessment of a program's impact and event exuecution activities.

Here is the current list of batch coordinators of SKVTAT. 


Alumni Year

Batch Co-Ordinator

1987 Vijay Chander


Ajay Babu Bandi, Anjana Ramesh


J. Siva Prasad

1993 Jagadish Setti


Jaya Chandra, Jagan Mohan Koppisetti

1996 K.N.S. Srinivas


Sanjeev Ratan, KNR Sandeep


Archana Kiran, Jayasri Varyani


Trinath DVD, Manojna Chintam


Sasi Bhushan B


Shyam Jethendra Sappa


Kalyan Chakravarthi Aravalli


Obulreddy Chinna, Karunakar, Srinivas Vaka

2004 Kapil Kumar, Dileep Sunder Vadrevu
2005 Uday KRK


Harika Persis, Arun Kumar


Vydehi Vydhi, L.M.V.V. Sai Kumar


Ramakrishna Pilla, Samayamanthula Nymisha


Naveen Satya


Maanu SK Rehman, Venkata Kishore

2012 Santhosh Kumar M
2013 Durga Prasad, Nageswara Rao